Bird Es1 300 Electric Scooter – Experience New Age Micro Mobility!

Can micro-mobility bring you joy and power? The bird believes firmly in it with its well-engineered electric scooter– Bird ES1 300. This brand always keeps in mind the needs of its users.

Can micro mobility bring you joy and power? The bird believes firmly in it with its well engineered electric scooters – Bird ES1-300. This brand has been familiar for a while among the commuters in a different version. Started as an electric scooter sharing company in September2017, bird has reached horizons now.

People loved the electric scooters that were available for rentals in Santa Monica, California. When a bird electric scooter rental can survive and offer ten million and more rides in a single year of its launch, there should be something unique and powerful about it.

This scooter gives Bird ES1 a very tough competition

The million dollar question for the people who used rental bird scooters is “Should you buy a bird scooter?” The answer is yes and the brand has officially unveiled the product Bird ES1-300 among others for you to experience new age micro mobility.

Bird has unveiled only a limited number of electric scooters all these years. It all started with the Bird Zero and gradually progressed to launch the next scooter in 7 months time, named Bird one. Bird one is little bit on the expensive side and comes in three different premium colors.

Bird electric scooters also have something for kids. If you browse the official bird website, you could find the model ‘Birdie’ that is exclusively engineered for kids. If you wonder, “How much does bird scooter cost?” or “What electric scooter does bird use?” you need to understand some basics first.

The brand Bird uses different types of scooters in its scooter sharing platform such as Xiaomi, Segway and more. But what you buy from stores or through online store differs and only the brand has the answer. But you can be sure bird with riding experience, the brands offers seamless high performance electric scooters.

Bird ES1 300 Electric Scooter Review




This is an extremely light electric scooter, though not foldable, you can easily carry around and lock it anywhere. The minimalist design combined with details makes Bird ES1-300 the premium short commuting vehicle. This brand after evolving from a rental company to start selling on its own treats every element of the scooter with utmost care.

The upgraded 300 Watt motor from the bird scooter specs explains how the brand has evolved over time. This electric scooter offers extreme power that ensures a bigger pull on varying terrains and conditions. This is not for kids and the power it generates can only be handled by the riders aged 18 and above.

The handlebar has been designed in such a way you can zip around and take sharp turns in your Bird ES1-300 with ease. The more you ride the scooter, the more you will feel the control and fun it offers.

There are a multiple ways to get your hand on bird es1-300 electric scooter. It is available for rental across the world for a mere cost of one dollar and it increases with the distance you cover. When it was not launched officially for sale, some of the even who loved this electric vehicle tried to own it through bird scooter auction portals.

Now it is not going to be an issue as you can purchase bird directly from an online store. Though it has no provisions to fold this Bird ES1-300 vehicle like other short commuters, you can carry around with no extra efforts as it is weighs only around 27.6 lbs.

The lightness of the electric scooter in combination with the powerful 300 Watt motor makes it a long lasting electric scooter that can cover 15.5 miles in a single charge. Here in this article we are about to list you down the bird scooter specs, features,pros and cons and our final thoughts for you make informed decisions.

Below is the quick summary of Bird ES1 300 specs:

Bird ES1 300 Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Rating – 4.9 Star
  • Brand – Bird
  • Model – Bird ES1 300
  • Gender – Unisex
  • Age – 18 and above
  • Motor – 300 Watt
  • Color – Black
  • Max load – 220 lbs or 100 kg
  • Top Speed – 15.5 miles per hour
  • Range – 15.5 miles
  • Front tire – 8 inches
  • Rear tire – 7.5 inches
  • Suspension – Front suspension
  • Brakes – Dual braking system
  • Unit Weight – 27.6 lbs
  • Charging time – 2-4 hours
  • Safety – UL-2272 certified
  • Display – Digital LED

Key Features

Experience a powerful ride

When bird first launched its electric scooters for rental, all it had in mind was to launch something that lasts long while commuting around your town. But over the time, it has evolved and brought in upgraded motors like we see in Bird ES1-300 that can offer powerful rides at a top throttle speed of 15.5 miles per hour. Although if you are looking for something way faster than Bird ES1, head over to Qiewa q1hummer which has a top speed of 37mph.

As per the specs, the motor featured in this scooter offers 300 watts of nominal power and 700 watts of max engine power. This is considered rare among the electric personal transport vehicles that we see in the market today for the price range. Short commuting experience has been largely elevated with the introduction of such powerful engines.

Extremely light yet perfectly durable

The lightness of this electric scooter comes from its minimalist design and type of materials used in the body frame. To an extent, it is important for an electric scooter to weigh less and it matters for various reasons. The framework of bird es1-300 electric scooter is made of premium materials which are aircraft-grade aluminum and tough polymers.

Even the battery used in the vehicle is hardly noticeable and that makes it look simple and sleek. Bird ES1 300 is available for sale in black with brand name highlighted in white. This scooter even with all its tough frames of aluminum and polymers weighs only around 27 lbs which makes it desirable among the commuters to carry around with ease.

LED display – Speed on the go

Terrains that you ride and the conditions that you face decide how fast you can reach the destination. Electric scooters in general offer only a limited top speed and battery life too. It will be good to check if your electric scooter is fully equipped with battery power or not. Here in bird es1-300 electric scooter, you have a digital LED display that can serve exactly that purpose.

While you are in a hurry trying to catch your train or trying to return back home from your college, you can check the battery level in the display to make sure you don’t stick in between. On the other hand, speed level meter helps you understand how your Bird ES1 300 performs on different terrains.

Flash with ground effect lights

No electric scooter should limit where you ride and what time you choose to ride. Bird offers the best of LED lights in the front of your electric scooter for you to surf during the night. The LED headlight in Bird ES1 300 perfectly blends with the frame with no projections. Even if you accidentally drop the vehicle, your built-in headlight will stay safe.

The most striking feature about driving this bird scooter during the night is that it can get all the attention with its ground effect lights. It will certainly make your ride illuminate after the daylight is gone. In addition, the brake lights at either side of the deck will be handy and effective as well.

Tough tires and Suspension




It is a long-range scooter and can help you cruise through the streets at a speed 15.5 miles per hour. This speed and range as per bird scooter specs are considered good for any electric scooter in this range. But what matters the most is that riders should be able to control the scooter even in the worst of conditions and road types. This is where Bird ES1 300 offers the toughest of wheels for your electric scooter.

In the front, it uses an 8-inch tire and a 7.5-inch tire in the rear. These tires are designed with precision to enhance the ride with utmost comfort and stability. The shock suspensions in the front compliments the tires and body frame so that you will not feel any discomfort while riding on uneven pavements and rough terrains.

Great control with dual braking

At times when you apply sudden brakes while you are at the max throttle speed, the tires tend to lock up losing its traction. In order to avoid such events, Bird ES1 300 has utilized anti-lock braking technology. This completely eliminates the fear of skidding and losing control even at greater speeds.

Also, it is an extremely light vehicle as it weighs only 27.6 lbs. The rider’s weight on this light vehicle at top speeds requires better stopping power. To achieve such great control this bird electric scooter uses a unique braking system that combines the effects of electric and mechanical brakes.

No app required to setup

As opposed to popular opinion, you do not need to install and set up an app in order to start riding this electric vehicle. This question often arises from the fact that people have always known this bird electric scooter rental through the scooter sharing app.

Before it was first unveiled for sale, in order to rent a Bird scooter, you will need an app, android or IOS based. But this is not the case with Bird ES1 300 as does not use any app to control its ability to ride. In addition, after you unpack the shipment and you can get it installed in a matter of minutes to start riding immediately.

UL-2272 certified safe scooter

Ensuring your safety while you ride an electric scooter matters the most. Often we overlook safety features that are linked with components compared to the specifications it offers. The components can include anything used that binds the electric scooter both electrical and mechanical.

With UL-2272 certified bike, you can cruise through the downtown areas or charge your scooter inside your home with no fear. This bird es1-300 electric scooter has been certified safe that it meets all the requirements with respect to electrical safety of personal transport vehicles. Rather than finding ways to use bird electric scooter rental, we would recommended you to look for options to own one of the safest electric scooters that you can find in the market.


  • Extremely light scooter
  • Dual braking for control
  • Offers ultra smooth rides
  • Front shock suspension
  • Can handle 220lbs load
  • A long range scooter
  • 15.5 miles in single charge
  • Flashy ground lights
  • Safer electric scooter
  • 300 watt motor
  • Bright LED headlight
  • Minimalist design and look

  • It is not foldable
  • Not so wider deck
  • Not suitable for kids
  • Ages 18 and above
  • Dim rear brake lights
  • Should use both brakes
  • Less color variants





Bird has engineered Bird ES1-300 extremely well that it is in par with the premium self balancing scooters that you will find in the market. The size of the deck is optimal enough to provide better comfort during long rides. In order to make the bird es1-300 electric scooter durable, the brand has optimized everything from its body frame, suspension and tires to front and rear braking.

It is not just your extra mile personal transport vehicle but you can properly use it as an alternative commuting vehicle with the top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The price of the birdvaries from one shopping portal to another. It has been rated excellent in all of its aspects by the buyers online. In order to make a worthy buy and to know the bird electric scooter price, always choose from a trusted seller.

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Bird ES1 300 Electric Scooter – Experience New Age Micro Mobility!
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