6 Best Self Balancing Scooters To Buy In 2023 [top Buyer’s Guide]

We have made a list of the top 10 self-balancing scooters that are really affordable and won’t give you a single chance to complain once you buy any of it. Each one of them is sorted on the basis of the positive reviews and the statistics of the previous year's sales record.


Are you looking for self-balancing scooters? You are at the right place. A self-balancing scooter or a two-wheel hoverboard is the most fun vehicle to ride in 2020. But only if you buy the right one.

Yes, they are really fun to ride, but sometimes it can be a really annoying task to buy self-balancing scooter that matches your budget. People are complaining about it a lot now that their batteries die, some are very slow, some has a very low build quality. We were hearing these issues a lot from past few months, so we decide to make a list of top 10 self-balancing scooters that are really affordable, and you won’t have a single complain once you buy it.

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We will provide you with the list of the best self-balancing scooters available out there in the market. All the links we will provide will be from Amazon, the one everyone trusts. So you can buy it from there without any doubt. Their service is fast and reliable, and most of the top self-balancing scooters are available on Amazon.

List of Top 6 Self Balancing scooter To Buy


Number one on this list is HALO ROVER. The ultimate beast of hoverboards. Quality is a key element when it comes to buying a self-balancing scooter. It comes with every feature you can imagine in a hoverboard. It also consists of Anti-Fall technology in the form of ride assist that will help you easily drive this scooter without falling.

Let’s talk about some key elements which are important to know about this hoverboard.

Performance: Halo Rover is a beast when it comes to performance. You can travel upto 10 miles on a single charge. Its 8.5-inch tires can surpass terrains easily that stops other hoverboards.

Range: Halo rover has a whopping range of 10 miles on a single charge. It is good enough range as compared to other hoverboards and scooters. You can pretty much travel anywhere in your locality with this board.

Wheels/Tires: The Black Halo self-balancing scooter comes with indestructible rough tires so that rider can easily proceed on wet and harsh plains.

Speed: This self-balancing scooter can reach a whopping speed of 10 miles/hr, which is far better than other hoverboards in the same range.


  • Made up of high-quality material, so it is a very durable hoverboard.
  • Comes with a mobile app that you can connect with.
  • UL 2272 certification which ensures a smooth and safe ride.
  • It is completely water and dust resistance
  • Simple to ride and charges pretty quickly.

  • It weighs around 265 pounds, so it is not feasible to carry it around.
  • Not suitable for long-distance travel. (more than 10 miles)


Hoverboards and self-balancing scooters are still very popular although it’s been a long time now when they first hit the market. This lightweight self-balancing scooter is made with very high-quality material. When it comes to design SWAGTRON T580 has a unique and beautiful design ensuring that users have the best possible experience. The hoverboard is really tough and not easily breakable, so you can buy it without any second thought.

It comes with an interactive mobile app which you can install in your android/iOS smartphones. This self-balancing scooter is really eco-friendly and does not emit any harmful gases. The hoverboard is water resistance so you can cruise it over wet areas without any tension

Let’s talk about the specifications –

Design: SWAGTRON T580 comes with a really unique design, although it is available in only one colour combination of black

Bluetooth Pairable: It has an application for iOS and Android, which can be connected through Bluetooth. It enables you to switch between different modes available on the self-balancing scooter. You can connect your phone to the hoverboard to play music as it comes with a Bluetooth speaker integrated with it. Cool huh?

Performance: It is equipped with a dual-motor engine which can provide enough power to carry 220 pounds or less easily. It has an uptime of 5hrs, which is highest among this list of top 10 self-balancing scooters.

Speed: Due to its powerful dual motor engine, SWAGTRON T580 can go upto 7.5mph.

Warranty: SWAGTRON provides a one-year limited warranty.


  • Supports a weight range of 44lbs to 220lbs.
  • Bluetooth enabled speakers so that you can enjoy your favourite mix while you ride.
  • High quality build.
  • Fast charging.

  • Windows phone not supported.
  • Little trickier to master the speed.


This amazing device is scooter cum transporter. Precision sensors and innovative foot controls will help you learn faster and with ease. With high quality build and unique design, it has high steering bar for fine controls which you won’t find in any other self balancing scooter or hoverboard on this list. So, you can say it is one of it’s kind. Riding it is pure fun, it can climb upto 15 percent inclines and can carry upto 250 pounds of weight.

It also comes with a mobile app that can be easily connected with your mobile. You can use the app to control/limit the speed of the hoverboard. Let’s talk about the features.

Easy to learn: With high steering bar for fine controls, it is fairly easy to learn riding this hoverboard as compared to others. You don’t need hours of practice to ride like a professional rider. Precision sensors decrease the difficulty even more so you can have a perfect balance while riding.

Weight: This self balancing scooter is very lightweight and easy to carry around. Also, it is very portable as you can detach the long knee bar so that it can fit in small places.

Design: This hoverboard has a unique design as compared to others. It is equipped with led lights both in front and back so it is very safe to ride whether it is day or night.

Performance: This self balancing scooter is also equipped with dual motor engine like SWAGTRON T580, so you can expect similar performances. It is capable of delivering 1600 watts of power. It can cover a distance of 14 miles on a single charge.

Speed: This hoverboard is the fastest among all mentioned here and can reach a whopping speed of 10mph.


  • Well built high quality design.
  • High class controls, easy to ride.
  • It can go upto 10mph which can make up for distance travelled.

  • Not for kids as it can be driven at a very high speed.
  • Hand bar is needed for longer distances.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

A fun and relaxed way to blaze through the streets is here! Razor is a famous company when it comes to hoverboards and self-balancing scooters. The blade is back with its new model the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 fully packed with its robust technology and fantastic design. After it’s the release of a wide range of successful self-balancing scooters and hoverboards, it is back with another super cool gadget for hoverboard lovers. The company itself claims it to be the smartest hoverboard in the market.

Earlier with its super hot models like Wing, Jett, Crazy Cart etc. it has already set a benchmark in the market which is not easy to beat for its competitors. Believe me; you can blindly buy items from this company, they will never disappoint you.

Razor hoverboards are equipped with state of the art technology that helps the user to ride and maintain the balance on the hoverboard comfortably. Whether you are a big fan of self-balancing scooters or want something to cruise around the neighbourhood, Razor’s self-balancing scooter is the way to go. Now, we will talk about the performance and design of this new scooter.

Performance: The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is equipped with dual 350-watt motors which bring a lot of power to the board. It can go up to 60 minutes easily on a single charge, and it also comes with Razor’s smart self-balancing technology, so if you want some good speed with an incredible balance this masterpiece is for you!

Design: Razor always overwhelms me with their amazing design and high-quality build. With the charming blue colour and led lights in front, the hoverboard looks amazing. You will love the design of this self-balancing scooter!

Speed: You can cruise upto 8+ mph on the new hovertrax 2.0. It comes with dual motors of 350 watts which can easily carry weight upto 300 pounds.

Battery: The hoverboard has replaceable batteries, which is a really useful feature when you are using it for long distances. The batteries are 36V each and are manufactured by LG.


  • Long battery life.
  • Replaceable batteries.
  • Smart Battery Management System.
  • It is equipped with razor’s smart self-balancing technology.
  • Available in multiple colours.

  • Razor has not certified yet that this self-balancing scooter is water resistance.


Swagtron is no doubt one of the best companies out there who is putting some efforts and creativity to bring us the most amazing self-balancing scooters and hoverboards. With the release of their new gem T6, Swagtron has already raised the standards in the market and is getting a lot of hype after the release.

The touch and feel are really good. You will know that the company has paid extra attention to the design and the material used. Very high quality build as expected from Swagtron, the hoverboard feels rugged and tough from the outside. It is durable, easy to use and is equipped with the latest safety technology for self-balancing scooters. Whether it is mud, snow or even sand, this bad boy can easily handle all sorts of the plain.

Fully equipped with all the latest features, T6 is better than it’s siblings T1, T3 and T5 in every manner. But the upgrade comes with a cost. SWAGTRON T6 is an all-terrain self-balancing scooter while the other Swagtron models lack this important feature. Let’s talk about some cool features that this self-balancing scooter has –

Performance: When it comes to performance, Swagtron T6 is a beast! It is equipped with 10″ inflatable tires and powered by 350-watt dual motors. The maximum speed noted on this self-balancing scooter is 8mph. It can go upto 12 miles on a single charge which is better than the average distance of 7-8 miles covered by other hoverboards. It was awarded as the best performance hoverboard.

Design: It has a beautiful design with two rubber tires mounted on aluminium rims. Swagtron T6 self-balancing scooter is made up of high-quality material, no doubt on that! It has an inclining capability of 30° depending upon the plain you are riding on.

Holding Capacity: One of the superb features in Swagtron T6 which makes it different from other self-balancing scooters is its cargo-carrying capability. It can carry upto 420lbs which is twice as much as other major hoverboards available in the market.

Other Features: Also, this self-balancing scooter comes with LED headlights, non-slip footpads, Bluetooth speakers and mobile app integration, which makes it a perfect hoverboard to buy!


  • Cargo carrying capability of upto 420lbs.
  • Smooth rides on rough terrain and inclines.
  • Can go upto 12 mph.
  • Not a bad price considering its versatility and the new features it brings to the market.

  • Not fully water resistance.
  • Range decreases when riding off-road.

Skque X1/I Series

You are getting from one place to another made easy. With the new Skque X1 series, you can enjoy your walk more than ever. This is a follow up to the brand’s previous board which comes with an updated motherboard an UL2772 certificate which ensures safety while riding this hoverboard.

This time the company has paid extra attention to the build quality as compared to their previous hoverboards which do not have quality material up to the mark. The board consists of a strong chassis and a stronger shell to make the self-balancing scooter more durable.

The great thing about this hoverboard is that it has a really good weight capacity as compared to other hoverboards. It is suitable for kids as well as adults due to its high weight carrying capacity.

Let’s talk about the controls, Skque X1 has very smooth controls, and it does not take much time to learn how to balance on the hoverboard and drive is — powered by dual motors and a gyro sensor which helps to sync the controls over both motors.

Performance: When it comes to performance, this self-balancing scooter is no less than a beast! It can carry upto 265lbs of weight easily. It can travel around 11-15 miles on a single charge, which is absolutely amazing. You can go from your dorm room to the class in a matter of minutes without being worried about the battery.

Speed: This is the only area where this hoverboard lacks a little bit, as compared to other hoverboards. It can go up to 6-7 miles per hour, which is pretty decent, considering that it can carry a huge amount of weights.

Design: The board has a very general design like every other hoverboard in the market, with led lights in the front it looks. They have added strong chassis and a shell so to make the board more durable which. Except that there are no major modifications, that have been added by the company.

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