Best Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2023

Are you looking for some of the best electric skateboards? This year on Black Friday deals, you can grab one for yourself at huge discounts. Check Now!

If you’re looking to buy a suitable electric skateboard/longboard for yourself, then this article will prove to be an easy to understand guide for you to choose the best one available. And there is no better time for this, because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, waiting for you with a wide range of exciting, heavily discounted deals. You can browse through a variety of products, ranging from the fastest electric skateboards for very cheap rates, as well as cheap electronic longboard deals – the Black Friday and Cyber Monday skateboard deals will have you purring over a fine display of exciting products.

Electric Skateboards and Longboards are the best means of transportation when it comes to speeding through areas that are heavily packed with tons of people. Electric boards give you the freedom to weave through heavy traffic, float up a hill, scroll through your college campus or embark on an adventurous journey all by yourself or alongside your skating buddies.

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Difference Between An Electric Skateboard And A Normal One

You might ask yourself, why buy an electric skateboard? Why not a normal one? Of course, it is not a bad thing to enjoy an old-school traditional touch and direct human involvement when it comes to skating. But let me tell you, cruising upon an electric skateboard is a different level of fun. And it is much simpler, easier, and a lot less hassle for the rider to get from one place to another place!

They come with built-in brakes, an efficient motor, and the four wheels supporting your weight makes it easier for you to maintain balance and stay on foot. The powerful battery system acts as a propellant for the skateboard when the rider wants to trek uphill.

And the electric brakes are much easier to operate than the traditional alternative of having to stop your skateboard manually by applying a lot of force in the direction opposite to the movement of your board, which doesn’t always work in the right way and can lead to injuries.

Now comes the important part. If there are so many features that make electric skateboard far more efficient than normal ones, then surely they would be costly?
Well, sure, some of them are. But there are many, just as good, that you can buy for affordable rates.

Here are Some of the Cheap Electric Skateboard that you can buy during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

But it is important for you to choose the best ones for yourself. This article will guide you through the top Electric Longboard & best Electric Skateboard Black Friday /Cyber Monday deals.

Some Of The Best Electric Skateboard/ longboard Deals:

Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

The Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard is renowned for providing one of the best riding experiences ever with its ultra-thin structure that makes it faster and smoother than an average electric skateboard. It is the thinnest electric skateboard on the market.

It has a thin 15 mm deck and weighs about 14.6 lbs, which makes you question if it has any motor inside at all! But don’t worry, because it is equipped with a highly efficient, 760 W dual-motor that quickly reaches 22 Mph in the fast mood after its startup.

The extensive rotatory motion of the motor brings with it a speedy and adrenaline-filled experience. The battery is hidden inside the board, which adds to one of the reasons for the thin nature of the board. This feature makes it look like a traditional, old-school skateboard, while at the same time, it is also an electrically driven one.

It has a range of about 11 miles per charge, and the battery can be fully recharged within a short span of about 2 hours. It is also equipped with a strong grip PU wheel, which distributes gravity to improve the stability and ensures an excellent grip performance, providing firm safety to the rider.





  • Visual Design System
  • The sleek and thin structure of the skateboard.
  • The presence of a durable, high-speed motor.

  • The thin structure also means that it does not support a lot of weight.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard

Looking for a skateboard that is aesthetic to look on to add to your extensive, fashion look? This SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard is definitely meant for you. Skatebolt also offers two types of ride modes to its customers: the normal one and the sports mode.

The normal mode is compatible with the needs of beginners and has a top speed of 13.75 mph. The sports mode, however, can rocket up to 25 mph, making you feel as if you are riding atop a bolt of lightning. Both these modes are perfect for blending in with different situations. Stuck in traffic, densely populated areas? Switch to normal mode. Want to impress that beautiful girl by the tree with your quickness? Switch to sports mode!

Among some of its best features is the dual 500W hub motors. It provides the board with enough power to go anywhere literally. It powers the board enough to cover a wide radius of about 15-20 miles, which can easily cover an entire college campus or a small city. The skatebolt’s downhill safety brake is a huge upside for enthusiastic riders as it ensures a safe stoppage at any point of your ride, even when you are at the highest speed and guarantees your safety up to a large extent.





  • A sleek, elegant, and cool overall appearance of the board.
  • The choice to alternate between the normal mode and sports mode.
  • Efficient braking system.

  • Difficult to perform stunts with it.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

This product is perfect if your prime aim is to cover shorter commutes for cruising college campuses, trekking along with the sweet rhythm of the winds at the park, or running quick errands. The Boosted mini X is everything one would hope for in a small electric skateboard.

The boosted mini’s Deep Dish composite deck is centered around a strong, yet lightweight poplar core costumed in fiberglass that ensures a smooth, refined ride to its customers. Being mini doesn’t put a damper on its power. It delivers the same, energy-filled acceleration and smoothness, and a safe braking system that you would see in other, bigger sized skateboards.




It has a top speed that ranges between 18 mph and 20 mph. They provide just the perfect amount of speed and efficiency that they can without sacrificing their stability. It has a respectable range of about 14 miles. It can also challenge upstream paths and hills as steep as 20 percent with relative ease.

Another of the boons for the riders offered by this particular skateboard is their wheels. The wheel’s flex profile is soft enough to take on the various imperfections sprinkled along the road, yet firm enough to ensure safety.


  • The presence of an ergonomic remote.
  • It has the unique ability to climb up the steepest hills.
  • The availability of three different ride modes to choose from.
  • Efficient wheels that provide a perfect balance.

  • The motor sometimes develops a loud noise.

Here are Some of the Cheap Electric Skateboard that you can buy during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Street Electric Skateboard

This is one of the most efficient and high performing electric skateboards available on the market. It has an impressive range of as far as 31 miles, varying depending upon many factors such as the weight of the rider, terrain, and riding style. The top speed flashes between 22 mph and 26 mph, also varying depending on the same factors.

The skateboard is very powerful and can propel itself in any upstream path or any hill up to 25 percent gradient in GT mode. It comes with a remote with magnetic trigger controls that provides many features such as smoothest acceleration experience or brake feeling. It consists of an LCD digital screen that provides the rider with specific data such as speed, distance, and other board diagnostics.

It has four-speed modes, which are compatible to suit the needs and desires of the rider. These four modes are GT, FAST, ECO, and SLOW. The SLOW mode is perfect for beginners who want to ride slow. The FAST mode is used to flash through traffic and cover various commutes in a short span of time. The ECO mode provides a relaxed ride and unparalleled range. The GT model is, of course, to provide the board with enough strength to climb steep hills.





  • A wide range up to 31 miles and a top speed ranging between 22 mph and 26 mph.
  • The unique ability to climb up hills with relative ease.
  • The availability of a remote that comes with magnetic trigger controls.

  • No cons

Macwheel MR1 Electric Skateboard

The Macwheel MR1, Electric Skateboard is suitable for both youngsters and adults. It is equipped with military-grade material. Meaning that the MR1 Electric skateboard consists of a unique polycarbonate deck, which makes it stronger, fireproof, shockproof, and also explosion-proof. This amount of strength is a piece of great news for people out there who want to go outperforming various stunts with their skateboards.

Another astonishing feature provided by this board is the option to choose from between 30 different light modes by APP. There are static as well as dynamic light effects that add up to make 16 customized colors of your choice. At the same time, you can also adjust the speed and brightness.

The Mac wheel MR1 Electric Skateboard also comes with a 2.4G RF wireless remote controller, which is convenient for the riders, as it gives them a choice to alternate between different ride modes to suit different terrains. It has a powerful, durable high speed, 300 Wx2 brushless motor that quickly crosses speed of over 20 MPH.




To add to these impressive lists of features, it is also
the perfect choice for you should you wish to ride through long distances.


  • The Mac wheel is easy to carry.
  • The presence of a wireless remote.
  • The APP control that lets the user alternate between various lighting effects.

  • It cannot be taken outside while it is raining outside.

Take away

Above listed were some of the amazing electric skateboards over which you can grab great discount deals. Black Friday is one great chance to get electric skateboards at very affordable and pocket-friendly rates.

Here are Some of the Cheap Electric Skateboard that you can buy during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

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