How Do You Know Which Skateboard Is Best For You?

In 2020, skateboards are not just a piece of wood with wheels under. The E-scooters, hoverboards may be the talk of the town — still, balancing skateboards have been the real icon for decades. Read the content to make your best choice.


Whether it is about making the last mile distance from subway to your workplace or taking a detour around your neighborhood, balancing skateboards are a fun way of running errands and a never-ending sport. With everything getting smarter, skateboards aren’t behind either.

 Skateboarding is a sport unlike any other, and with everything getting smart with internet and wireless connectivities, the skateboard industry isn’t behind either in innovating skateboards. IN 2020 skateboards are not just a piece of wood with wheels under. The E-scooters or hoverboards may be the talk of the town — still, balancing skateboards been the real icons for decades.

A lot of changes in decades expect icons, and these iconic skateboards have just started becoming better with small yet powerful electric motors and colossal yet light-weighted batteries. Now maneuvering over a skateboard is less of elbow grease. If you still find those acrobatic moves tough and want to have a lazy ride over your best balancing Skateboard, E- skateboards are here.

The market is full of newfangled stake boards, electric scooters, and hoverboards. But a real Luddite would choose a stake board over any other option. Still, the most challenging conundrum for buyers is, there are too many chooses in the skateboards market. And selecting one which suits your taste could be difficult, thus to help you out of your confusion here is a guild for you to buy your first state board.


There are several factors you should consider before buying a skateboard for your suitability:

  1. What’s the size of the board?
  2. Is it lightweight and has any portability advances or not?
  3. How powerful is the electric motor to give you thrills?
  4. The E-skateboard is waterproof or not?


Depending on some of the quintessential features, we have selected three electric skateboards for you.

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard

 If speed is what you are looking for, then Skatebolt electric skateboard is the prime choice for you. It offers an exhilarating speed of 40Kmph from a dual-motor setup along with decent battery capacity and LEDs underneath for safety. With 8 kilograms of weight, some might find this Skateboard a bit too heavy to carry. Still, Skatebolt has a lot to offer with its appealing pricing and safety standards.

balancing skateboards

Acton Blink S2 Electric Skateboard

 This particular Skateboard is famous for a reason, and the reason is its long list of features it offers. Starting from its lightweight just at 5killograms. A 12 kilometers range on a single charge and a maximum speed of 30Kmph. But that’s all quite the basic package in any electric skateboard. What makes Acton Blink S2 standout is its Bluetooth control feature along with controllable Safety LEDs and very stylish young design.

balancing skateboards

Blitzart Huracane Electric Skateboard

 This particular Skateboard is the quintessential choice for any skateboard enthusiasts who are ready to step up a notch and want to try some stunts on the board. This Skateboard is the ideal choice with its sturdy and durable maple and bamboo deck, which is highly flexible and lightweight. The deck of the Blitzart hurcane presents an excellent grip and provides confidence to down slopes with ease.

balancing skateboards

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 Electric Skateboards are intelligent options to consider. They occupy less space, are easy to carry around compare to hoverboards with their chunky wheels. With some electric skateboards offering features such as modular batteries and extended warranties with still prizing lesser compare to other electric modems such as electric scooters or hoverboards, it makes our childhood favorite sport gear the best comeback.


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