Audi E-tron Scooter

Audi has recently released an electrically powered model known as the Audi E-Tron scooter. The Audi E-Tron scooter features four wheels and is meant for micro-mobility, which makes it extremely easy for the riders of any age group.
Audi has recently released an electrically powered model known as the Audi E-Tron scooter. Having been at the helm of electric technology in vehicles, this invention by Audi is the first illustration of clean production vehicles bearing the brand “e-Tron.” Thanks to the company’s continuous exploration of this technology, the German carmaker has managed to ensure this project has been a success.

This invention by Audi aims to target the sporty urban riders with free spirits as it resembles the electric scooter and skateboard to a great extent. Likewise, the Audi E-Tron scooter features four wheels and is meant for micro-mobility, with this market segment booming over the last couple of years.

This newest concept is the AI: ME, that is, a radical vehicle that is gets powered by electricity. Also, its design, as well as top-level autonomous driving, is meant for the near future mega-cities. Therefore, this Audi E-Tron scooter will make an ideal alternative to commute in urban cities all over the globe.




Audi E-Tron scooter features
The Audi E-Tron features a platform shaped similar to a long-board but somewhat bigger in comparison to that of a skateboard. It is on this platform that you stand while riding it making use of your feet to steer it around as well as the handlebar. The reason for this styling, according to Audi, is because it looks more stylish, unlike the traditional scooter, consequently making riding it more exciting.

The handling of this scooter, according to Audi, will be more similar to surfing waves, but you always will have your hands on the handlebars. To control the Audi E-Tron scooter’s movement, you need to shift your weight using your feet towards the direction you wish to move in, just like skateboards. However, the inclusion of flexible axles with four wheels enables you to make abnormal tight curves. Furthermore, every battery-related part, such as the pack itself, are incorporated into the handlebar.





The maximum speed the Audi E-Tron scooter can manage is 12.5 mph and this it can only do for a distance of 12.5 miles. This scooter manages to achieve this through recuperation whenever the car stops during which it recovers kinetic energy which gets saved in its battery. If you have experience riding the scooter, you will realize its handling, stopping and movement are similar.

To accelerate, you need to use the hydraulic foot brake plus the twist grip to make it come to a halt. Moreover, present in this firm’s car is the energy recuperation technology that directs electricity towards the battery pack while the E-Tron is coming to a stop. To offer you with additional safety, the Audi E-Tron Scooter incorporates a hydraulic foot brake.

Audi also has another use in mind for the E-Tron SUV as well as the scooter. The company sees this car as an ideal way for you to move from your home to your office and leave it in the parking lot. This would ensure your journey to and from work is successful without making use of gasoline whatsoever. Also, this 26-pound scooter fits seamlessly into the trunk of the E-Tron. Thus, you can decide to charge it while traveling via a dedicated socket which gets its power from the vehicle’s electrical system.

This scooter will come fitted with LED lights, that is, a daytime running light, a headlight, brake light and rear light, which all are legal requirements. Likewise, integrated into its system is a Bluetooth interface that enables you to adjust your ride’s characteristics as well as safeguard it from theft. The scooter also comes with a carbon or wood design that is either black or grey.

Whereas this car is still in the concept phase, Audi intends to start selling the Audi E-Tron scooter in late 2020 for approximately 2,000 euros. The company’s intended market are fleet operators in all major cities all over the world as well as private individuals. Whereas this price significant, it is justifiable if you often tale short trips while still having the stability offered by a scooter and without the thrills of skateboarding.

Additionally, the company may decide to include this scooter into the on-demand, app-based services. Doing this would provide tourists with a quick way to manoeuvre through the city as they go on with their visit. Consequently, the E-Tron would play a significant role in helping the decongestion seen in most of the urban cities around the globe.

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