Are Hoverboards Safe?

With the popularity of hoverboards, the question might arise for some people, are hoverboards safe? There are a lot of features and safety factors to consider before getting into hoverboards. The build quality and brand should always be taken into consideration.

Hoverboards have been a popular stable in technology for the longest time. They’ve been seen in old sci-fi movies and have always been waited for. They’re not to where we want them to be, but we have hoverboards, and everyone’s seen what it looks like. They’re classified as an eRidable and is a great tech vehicle for kids and teenagers. With the popularity of hoverboards, the question might arise for some people, are hoverboards safe?

There are a lot of features and safety factors to know about before getting into hoverboards. The build quality and brand should always be taken into consideration. It’s better to be in the safe hands of a trusted brand than in an accident from a company nobody knows about. These are some key features and things you should look out for when looking at hoverboards.



Are Hoverboards Safe To Own?

When looking for a safe hoverboard, the first thing you should look at is the brand. It’s always better to trust in a reputable brand than an unknown company that might not take liability. These companies have more capital and connections to get better material for their hoverboards. Small companies might try to sneak their way past regulations and not have the same quality and safety standards that America holds. Some of the most popular hoverboard brands on the market include Gotrax and Swagtron.

Is Gotrax Hoverboard Safe?

Gotrax is the number one selling hoverboard and has been in the market since 2017. Their products are environmentally friendly and designed for people who like to have fun. They’re strong in the movement of removing as much pollution on Earth as humanly possible. You know a company is good when they only use economy friendly materials and help out in fighting air pollution.

Are Hoverboards safe




Is Swagtron Hoverboard Safe?

The people over at Swagtron make sure always to choose the best quality material when it comes to their hoverboards. They’ve been making electronic bikes, scooters, and hoverboards longer than most of the other brands. All of their products have the SentryShield® Smart Battery management system to make their products last all day and longer. They’re also designed not to have any short circuits or to have overcurrents. You’ll never see one of their products blow up or set on fire.

Are Hoverboards safe




Are Hoverboards Safe For 7/8/9/11 Year Old

Probably the most dangerous factor of riding a hoverboard is controlling the maximum speed. If you have a wreckless child on a hoverboard that can go a fast top speed, then they could end up falling off of the board. Not only that but they could put other people in danger if they crash into them as well.

The average hoverboard goes at a speed of about ten miles per hour. While the public only goes to speeds at a lower level and up to that, there are some built and designed to go as fast as 15 miles per hour. These are the ones that are the riskiest to ride and need some safety gear.

If you’re looking to get one for someone extremely young, make sure they have a helmet and some pads. The recommended hoverboard speed for a young child would be around 5 to 7 miles per hour. If you go higher than that, then your child could risk falling off. This should answer your question to the people who are wondering are hoverboards safe to ride.

The Importance Of Safety Gears

The same way you need safety gear when riding a bicycle or some rollerblades, safety gear is important and saves a lot of people from injuries. When looking at safety gear for someone, make sure that it’s ASTM certified. This assures you and everyone that the product has been tested by professionals to offer convenience and safety.

The main safety gear to have for someone new is definitely the helmet. Your head is your most important part of your body, and if you fall off of something and hit it, you could risk serious injury. The other safety gear that helps out at knee and elbow pads. Nobody likes a scrapped knee, and it saves you from having to using band-aids. Wrist guards are also an option but are meant for people who want to be extra careful of their safety.

What Features To Look Out For

The Tire Grip

You can tell if a hoverboard is good if it was built with having some traction in mind. If it was built to have some grip and tread, then you know you can rely on it. If the tires have good material and firm grip all around the out layer, then it will make more traction when riding. Rubber treaded tires are the best for people who want complete control over their hoverboard. It’s great if you like to do tricks along with sharp turns, and works well on almost any terrain.

How Old Is The Person Using The Hover Board?

Different aspects and things need to be considered for hoverboards depending on how old the person is that’s using it. Not all hoverboards are made the same, and a kids’ board might not be big enough for a young adult. Most brands have an age suggestion indicator to let you know what ages their hoverboards are meant for. Not only that, but there are board ms that are built for specific needs too.

Some would include a smart hoverboard to connect to your phone and etc., tank-like boards that are meant to be durable and take a beating, and others are meant to be used for just pure speed. There are all-around purpose hoverboards that are good for people around the ages of 10 to 12.
The Right Size

Plenty of the hoverboards on the market also have a recommended height and weight range for their users. These are there for a reason and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every hoverboard should fit the size of the person riding it. Your hoverboard deck should be around the length of your shoulder length and long enough to fit a majority of your feet. If your board is larger than what you need, then you’re going to have way more trouble controlling it.
The Learning Mode Feature

For all the children and kids out there who want to use a hoverboard for the first time, there’s a learning mode that a lot of hoverboards have to help you out. It’s a great tool for kids around ages 7 to 10 to get their balance down and practice moving around. The slow mode, or turtle mode, slows the hoverboard down to a turtle-like a pace making it easy for anyone to control.

Along with the learning mode, you can turn the self-balancing system on and off. You can slowly change it once your child or rider is used to moving and turning the hoverboard. These features are key for children or people, so don’t have someone else to teach them how to ride a hoverboard.

Turning Signals and Reflectors

Safety is also important, but it doesn’t just depend on you as the rider. Other influences like the weather or someone else can put you in danger. Reflectors are a great way for people to ride their hoverboards outside at night. The reflectors will show light off of cars and street lights to let other people and drivers see where you are. Reflectors can be removable and easily replaced if they get damaged. Turing signals also give a great indicator for people driving behind you.

How Athletic and Nimble You Are

You don’t necessarily have to be old to be fit and in shape. There are some kids who weigh more than others and some who always have the energy to run around. Clumsiness is also a reason in that aspect. It doesn’t matter what size you are or how old you are; if you’re clumsy, then you’re going to have more of a hard time than someone who isn’t.

People who are more athletic prone or have good hand and eye coordination will easily maneuver and do tricks with their hoverboard. People with good judgment will never have a problem making decisions on their hoverboard.




Final Thoughts On Hover Boards

All in all, hoverboards are just about as safe as a bike. The same safety gear and precautions are taken, and you go about the same speed as one. Hoverboards are not only safe for users but safe for the environment. Companies like Gotrax has proven to help the environment and provide safe hoverboards to everyone out there. When it comes to safety on a hoverboard, you’re good to go.

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