18 Kick Scooters For Adults

A kick scooter is a common choice of riders for commuting. Check out the best 18 kick scooters for adults with their honest reviews and opinions. Don't let any of your penny go waste and choose the best for yourself.


Have you heard about kick scooter? I bet you have! They are one of the most amusing gadgets that we dream of having. Are you looking forward to buying one? Yes? You’re at the perfect place. Here we will discuss briefly about the types of Kick scooters.

Ever since we entered the twenty-first century, life has become boring. I do not deny the fact that now we have so many surreal video games that have immersive technology, and that feels extremely realistic, but still, the adventure needed by the body cannot be replaced or substituted by the mind alone.

Everyone has a job that requires them to sit in front of a
computer for hours and keep doing a task that does nothing other than giving
stress on your brain. This affects all the spheres of life, as well. An
adventure is needed every now and then.

kick scooters

And you do not need to spend too much money on one such adventure. You do not need to go to a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, although that would be a dangerous but amazing choice in someone’s personal opinion.

What will be offered in this article is your answer. Obviously, your life is too precious for risking it on any isolated piece of land surrounded by a huge water body. So what you can do is add little adventures in your life to make it safe as well as thrilling. A little exercise would be good too. But then again, no one has time to go the extra mile. Hence it should be something that is useful in daily lives. Now, what would that be?

Is there even a possibility of the existence of one such
thing that has so many benefits?

The answer lies in a simple thing that is, in an unofficial slang, called a lovechild between a skateboard and a cycle. It is called a Kick-Scooter.

What is a kick scooter?

This is an important question. It would be a huge waste of time if, after going through the entire article, you feel like asking this question. So with all seriousness and the technical knowledge, a kick scooter is a ‘Human-powered’ street vehicle with a handlebar, deck, and wheels propelled by a rider pushing off the ground.

If that was difficult to understand, the easier version would be a kick scooter is a scooter that you kick to move around. It is more like a safe-skateboard. Remember those dangerous skateboards high school boys usually show off. A kick scooter is similar but safer. With a handlebar installed, you have control over where you are going and how fast you are going. With just a handlebar, your center of gravity is also balanced, and the chances of falling on the ground are reduced drastically. The best part is that it still manages to give you the little adventure that you deserve in your daily life.

You don’t have to take it on trekking or hiking. A kick scooter is a people’s choice commuting vehicle in most first world countries like Great Britain or Scotland or the USA.

But then the question comes into mind that why not get a bicycle to do the job. And that wouldn’t be wrong at all. People are free to choose anything they want, but there are certain things that bicycles just won’t do.

Kick Scooter vs Bicycles

Unlike a Kick-scooter, a bicycle has a seat and drive train, which increases not only the speed but also the weight, cost, and bulk. A folding scooter can be more easily carried than a bicycle. Even a non-folding scooter is easier to maneuver between obstacles as it does not have the pedals protruding from its body.

A bicycle may have its advantages in longer journeys and open spaces, but you just have to commute to your daily work, which is not very far, or if that is not the case with you, then you can take this thing to buy groceries. And secondly, open spaces feel like made-up words in today’s world. Everywhere you go, you encounter huge crowds and kick scooter is the best thing if you are going to be in crowded places such as market places or in the streets.

So now that you know how good a kick-scooter can be in your
daily lives, you must be thinking of buying one. But wait…..

Something that is so good and productive, you can’t just buy it on a whim. You need to research a little. Not all scooters will prove good for you. Some are made for kids; some are unreasonably expensive, some seem good at first but prove to be utterly useless after a certain period. So how to find the best kick scooter for adults?

How to choose the best Kick-Scooter
for Adults

Folding mechanism:

According to the experts, there are generally only two kinds of folding mechanism; a three-action folding mechanism, which is the most common one found in scooters. It involves three steps. First, you have to remove the clamp, then move the pin and then secure the clamp in place.

The single-action mechanism is now being used in some new models of scooters. In this, the first and last steps of the previous mechanism are removed. And all you have to do is just move the clamp to wherever you want, without dealing with a clamp.

Some would choose one design over another. But both the mechanisms are efficient. The only difference is that the three action mechanism takes a few extra seconds. Both the varieties of folding kick scooters for adults are equally efficient.


The suspension is the spring-like mechanism attached to either front or back wheel, or sometimes both. Normally, the manufactures put the suspension on the front wheel to ensure that you can overcome the obstacles.

Suspension serves the purpose of absorbing shock. It reduces the amount of vibration that you would feel in your feet and your hands in its absence.

The suspension is a must if you are going to ride on uneven terrain. The only disadvantage of suspension on scooters is that it adds a few extra to its weight. But it can make your rides smooth when required.


In older designs, the brakes were usually installed on the rear wheel, which was supposed to be controlled by foot, but these days there are newer designs as well.

If you want, you can get brakes on your handlebar, which would control either of the wheels you want. It is not very convenient for a new rider to use brake while not being able to see it.

You can even get brakes on both the wheel, but that wouldn’t be unnecessary as the kick scooters don’t go at very high speeds.

Just a personal
suggestion, get only one brake installed on the handlebar attached on the rear

Deck Size:

The part where you stand on is called the deck. There are basically two sizes only, but all the scooters differ by an inch or centimeter.  The big deck has space for both your feet, while on the small deck, you can put only one foot and keep propelling with the other.

If you are a new rider or an adult, you should go with the large deck size. Only kids use the small deck. But in case you wish to have a lightweight scooter, you can go for the smaller deck. In terms of convenience, the larger the deck, the better.

Wheel Size:

And the most important part comes at last. There are around seven different kinds of wheel sizes, ranging from 100mm to 230mm.

Larger wheels may have more weight, but they absorb more shock and offer more stability. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, are lightweight and accelerate quickly, but remember, they will not be able to overcome obstacles. So choose the right size for you. You can even get two different sizes for both wheels. The recommended choice would be a larger wheel on the front and smaller on the back.

Now that you know how to choose a scooter for you, get ready to see the list of top 18 kick-scooters for adults commuting. They are mostly razor kick scooters or push scooters whatever you prefer to call them.

Razor A Kick-scooter

Razor A Kick-scooter

Key Features:

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum:

This product boasts of having aircraft grade aluminum in its body. So automatically, you know that it is going to be one of the strong and long-lasting products to depend on.

  • Deep matte Finish

You must be expecting a gloss finish since its aluminum, but what would you do once the shine of that gloss finish fades away? Well, don’t worry; the product comes with a matte finish.  And not just matte, it’s called deep matte finish. Are they different? Well yes, a matte finish comes off after some time, while the deep matte is permanent. So you can be sure that your kick scooter is going to remain elegant for eternity.

  • Distinctive Full Deck
    Grip Tape Design

The kick scooter has a great design on its entire body. The deck is printed with a grip tape design. Not only does that look amazing and stylish but it also contributes to its sturdy grip. No matter what is the weather, even if the deck is wet, or even if you are propelling your scooter in a not-so-gentle way, you wouldn’t have to worry about slipping off.

  • Patented rear fender

The rear fender brake is a unique technological advancement available only to the Razor brand. In this product, the brake is installed on the rear wheel, obviously so that you do not fall on your front in an attempt to stop at the desired time. Having the brake on the rear wheel helps a lot. The brake is installed on the fender of the wheel, but if you wish, it can be installed on the handlebar.

  • Urethane wheels and
    folding mechanism

The scooter comes with 98mm big sturdy urethane wheels, and it is very helpful if you wish to go fast. The wheels are small in size, so it accelerates quickly. Obviously, it is not very stable. It comes with a three action folding mechanism, which is very strong.


  • Stylish look.
  • Strong body

  • Too small wheels.
  • No suspension.

Razor A3 Kick-scooter

Razor A3 Kick-scooter

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Body

Just like the A kick scooter, the A3 is also made up of Aircraft grade aluminum. You should keep in mind that the Razor brand doesn’t use simple aluminum to manufacture its scooters; they always use the aircraft-grade aluminum as it is much more durable and lightweight than other varieties.

  • Urethane Wheels

The size of the wheels has increased since the last one. Now they have a hundred and twenty-five millimeters wheels made up of urethane. And the wheels are inline style. And not just that, the Razor A3 Kick-scooter comes with ABEC-5 high-speed bearings. All these three things together contribute to a great speed that not many kick scooters can flex. Since the wheels are not too small, you are going to have a smooth ride as well.

  • Patented Rear Brakes and
    Wheelie Bar

The Razor A3 kick scooter doesn’t come with brakes on handlebars, instead, they have rear brakes, so you have to kick on the road to propel the scooter and kick on the fender to stop. A good thing about the rear fender brakes is that they stop very quickly. No manufacturers dare to put strong brakes on the front wheel because that can result in accidents, but when it comes to the rear braking system, Razor has one of the strongest ones.

Also, it comes with a
Wheelie bar. To those who do not know, a wheelie bar prevents a vehicle from
flipping over during wheel stands. Safety has always been the foremost feature
of Razor.

  • Folding mechanism and
    weight limit

It comes with a three action folding mechanism, which is safe and strong. The Razor A3 is recommended for age five and older kids. It has a weight limit of up to 143 pounds, which would roughly be around 65 kilograms.


  • High-speed bearings
  • Larger wheels
  • Wheelie bar
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Foam grip
  • Available in lots of colors

  • Less weight limit but still somewhat okay for most people

Razor A5 LUX kick scooter

Razor A5 LUX kick scooter

Key Features:

  • Deluxe size

The body is twice wide and almost about one and half times wider than previous models, which means you get enough space to keep both your legs on the deck. Who would want to keep one of their legs dangling in the air? Only kids probably. It is always tiring to keep kicking; hence, there is enough space to put your feet to rest every once in a while. I mean, no one wants to experience adventures while getting muscle cramps.

  • Strong body

Are you one of those people who like gloss finish over matte? Then this is for you. And by this time, it just doesn’t feel right to mention again and again that the body is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. So this should hopefully be the last time, where it is going to be mentioned that it has a strong body. From now on, it would be better to assume as such until mentioned otherwise.

  • Lightweight, easy to fold and carry

The scooter weighs around five-kilo grams. It might be a little heavier than the previous models we have discussed above, but nothing can be said. With better features comes a little more weight. It has adjustable handlebars and three action clamp folding mechanism, so you can fold it to make it very compact and carry it wherever you wish.

  • Larger Wheels

This ride is built for taller riders. It has extra-large urethane wheels installed in its body, which are around two hundred millimeters. That is one big wheel. And big wheels only mean better and smooth ride. They would be easier to maneuver, and the ride would not be jerky at all. Even if you take the scenic route and go off-roading, these wheels would ensure that you would have a nice time riding.


  • Variety of colors and design to choose from
  • Adjustable handlebars with foam grip.
  • Comes with a kickstand as well

  • Weight of the product is a little heavy
  • Carrying for a long time may seem like a difficult job
  • No suspension

Razor A5 Air kick-scooter

Razor A5 Air kick-scooter

Key Features:

  • Professional Design

It is a desirable quality in the scooter to be used in your daily lives. Let us not tell lies to ourselves. No one uses the stylish fountain pen set they bought for special moments. Everyone uses that same ball-point pen to write. The point that needs to be acknowledged here that you would not be able to use your scooter if it doesn’t manages to get a place in your daily lives. You need a scooter that you can take everywhere; to your office, to the club, to the park, even to a party. For that, the scooter needs to fulfill some criteria, and this scooter does it elegantly.

  • Strong Body

Like the previous ones, it has an aircraft-grade aluminum body that can lift up to two hundred and twenty pounds, which is roughly around a hundred-kilo gram. It is probably a great choice of kick scooter for heavy adults.

  • Comfortable

The handlebars are
covered with foam grip so that you do not get blisters on your hand even after
riding for a very long time. You can also adjust the handlebars according to
your height. And remember that this bad boy is made for tall peoples

  • Big Deck

The Razor A5 Air Kick scooter offers a big deck of around thirteen and two-fifth of an inch. It is roughly around three hundred and forty millimeters. It is enough space to keep your feet at the same time without having to keep kicking continuously or without having to keep one of your legs to dangle in the air.


  • Enough room for both feet
  • Made for tall people
  • Stylish design and variety of colors

  • Rides very low to the ground
  • As heavy as six-kilo grams

Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Razor A6 Kick Scooter

Key Features:

  • Tallest Handlebars

The Razor A6 offers the tallest handlebars that the brand has ever produced. It is the belief of the company or brand, depending upon what you consider it, that you are never too tall to ride. The A6 kick scooter was designed and constructed with tall riders in mind. The handlebar goes to an incredible height of forty-two inches, which would be around a thousand and sixty-seven millimeters or one meter and six-point seven centimeters.

And that is not just it.
If a tall guy is going to ride it, probably he is going to need more legroom, which
might be a problem. And a three hundred and forty millimeters long deck just
might be the solution that is required.

  • Ultra Large wheels

The A6 doesn’t have those old ninety-eight millimeters wide wheels; it has something bigger, even bigger than the hundred and twenty-five millimeters. It has a full ten inches wide inline design, urethane wheel at its base. If you can’t estimate 10 inches, it is two hundred and fifty-four millimeters wide. With wheels, that big in diameter, no stones, rocks, or obstacles would dare to become a hurdle in your path. You will be riding a smooth road all along. The only problem that comes with these inline wheels is that they do not really create great traction with the road. Otherwise, you can be sure of going at high speeds and taking sharp turns, but problems might arise after prolonged use. These wheels are needed to replace from time to time.

  • Designed for Heavy Users

The A6 can support
weight up to two hundred and twenty pounds, which is equal to hundred-kilo
grams of weight. So you do not need to worry even if you are a little


  • Can support heavy weights
  • Bigger wheels equal stable ride
  • Tall handlebars
  • Big deck size

  • Bigger wheels result in a heavier weight
  • No suspension

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

Key Features:

  • Off-Roading

Congratulations!! You are no longer confined to the pavement. Now it is time to take your own path. You may even choose the road not taken now; because, for the first time, a kick scooter is offering you freedom of choosing whichever road you want. And for that reason, Razor has made the scooter extra strong, so that even when you try to do some tricks or stunts, it would be able to sustain the force.

  • Large Wheels

The Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter isn’t called Dirt Scooter for no reason. It has large Pneumatic tires with big cinder blocks and aggressive tread patterns. Unlike the inline style tires, these have great traction on the road. This means no matter how sharp turn you take or which hill you are going to jump, the tires would never fail to adhere to the ground firmly.

Even on wet ground, these tires won’t let you down. Also, the size of the wheel is around two hundred millimeters. The size is categorized in one of the medium-ranged ones. So it is going to ensure a smooth ride for you every time, even when you are on a jerky road.

  • BMX Style Fork

Are you a BMX fan? If yes, then this scooter is just for you. It is installed with a mountain bike style steel fork, which is installed with a triple stacked head tube clamp, which is much better than others.

  • Comfort ride

The RDS pro Dirt Scooter features the classic rear fender brake, which can be used for instant stopping. And it does stop instantly, due to its extreme grip tires. Not only this, the RDS is equipped with rubber grip rather than the foam grip, which was used earlier.


  • Tires with an aggressive pattern, responsible for a strong grip
  • Rubber handle grips
  • The body is strong enough to endure sudden stress and strain

  • No suspension
  • Too heavy to be called portable
  • Non-adjustable handlebar



Key Features:

  • Sweet Ride

The expert may say that this scooter may be a bit overkill, but what is best is simply best. And overkill is just an impolite way of saying that this scooter is too good for its own cause. Xootr was designed by a team that normally designs Race-Cars.

The Xootr has Ultra –glide Poly-urethane tires running on nearly frictionless bearings. Due to those, Xootr has the lowest resistance of any small-wheeled vehicles. If you doubt the glide style tires, just don’t. The glide style is superior to both the inline and pneumatic tires.

  • Easily foldable

The Xootr changes its shape in mere seconds, from fully deployed in action to compact folded configuration in seconds. It folds so small that you can fit it into the trunk of your car, push it under the desk, and put it in your bag when not needed. The Xootr goes everywhere with you, but still, you would be the dominant one in this relationship, either you can take Xootr to your favorite places, or you can let it take you to those places.

  • Lifetime Promise

The team of Xootr claims that their product will last a lifetime. They also believe that not all of their Xootr would last for a very long time. The major components of the Xootr will never turn you down. They will last longer than you. Maybe your children would be using your Xootr after you.

  • Replaceable parts

The Xootr teams vouch only for the major part, but parts, major or minor, all are needed together to make this bad boy work. What if after a few years, its brakes fail or one of its tires just gets tired or what if the bearings aren’t so resistance free. Even if the body stays intact, a scooter is of no use if it doesn’t roll or doesn’t stop to roll when you wish. Worry not, Xootr team assures you that every component in Xootr is replaceable and easy to get.


  • Replaceable parts
  • Best ball bearings
  • Ultra Glide wheel

  • Not affordable for everyone
  • The weight of Xootr is not exactly light

Fuzion CityGlide B200

Fuzion CityGlide B200

Key Features:

  • Hand brake

This is the first scooter ever mentioned in this list to have a hand braking system. In all the others mentioned until now, you either had only the rear fender braking system or you had the liberty of getting a hand brake attached to your scooter, but between what you force to happen and what naturally occurs, the natural part is always the better. The Fuzion offers you a dual braking system, so in case you are still in love with the rear fender brake, you would not have to adjust for your scooter. The scooter will adjust for you.

  • Light-weight

The Fuzion City Glide is just 9.9 pounds heavy, which is even less than five kilograms of weight. It is made of ultra-light aluminum to keep its weight in check. But it is a common mindset that we see light things as weak. If that is the case with you, then let it be known that this Fuzion can carry an adult with weight as heavy as 220 pounds or around a hundred-kilo gram.

  • Large Wheels

The Fuzion City glide comes with large 200millimeters in diameter wheels, made of polyurethane, which is much better than the urethane wheels, which was used in earlier scooters. The polyurethane wheels might be a little heavier, but they have nice traction, and they are fast, smooth, and durable.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easily foldable
  • Affordable in price
  • Twice stopping power with both hand brake and rear brake

  • No variety in colors
  • Only available in blue
  • No suspension

Hudora 230

Image result for HUDORA 230 Big Wheel Kick Scooter

Key Features:

  • For adults only:

The Hudora 230 is a scooter made exclusively for kids above the age of 12. It has a weight of five-kilo grams and has the maximum user weight capacity as high as 264 pounds, which is a hundred and twenty kilograms in weight. The scooter is tested and tried by the adult riders. It can endure rough use and still perform better than most of the other scooters.

  • Strong body

Since this is not a Razor brand scooter, there is a need to mention the fact that this is not made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. But this is Hudora, and this is made of high-level Aluminum and which is even better than the RAZOR’s aircraft-grade ones. This can lift a very heavy load, and never deform. It comes with a single action heavy duty folding mechanism. So you don’t have to keep placing clamps every time you wish to fold or unfold it. Just take it out; rest is taken care of by the scooter itself.

  • Big –small wheel combo

The scooter has a front wheel of 230 millimeters in diameter and a rear smaller wheel of 205 millimeters in diameter. Both wheels are very big on their own, but the rear is smaller in comparison to the front one. Some might not like it, but now you have better acceleration, smoother ride, and great stopping power, all together. With the front wheel being the bigger, you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Kickstand

The Hudora 230 comes
with a double kickstand. Nobody likes to keep their scooter rested against a
fire hydrant, or a wall or a tree when they are not using it for the moment.
And maybe you can do those things, but what would do when you are in the middle
of nowhere or on such a street where there are no trees, no fire hydrant and no
place to rest against the wall. Wouldn’t you want your scooter to just stand on
itself for the time being?


  • Double kickstand
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Heavy user capacity

  • Unsuitable for surfaces other than asphalt or cement

Hudora 205

Hudora 205

Key features:

  • Big wheels

Wheels are the most important part of any scooter; in fact, any vehicle, so one should always keep in mind the kind of wheels that are available. The Hudora 205 was big wheels installed in it, which helps you get good acceleration in less number of kicks, it is more agile than other tires, and wheels are big enough to provide you a stable and smooth ride.

The wheels are made of PU material. In case you don’t know what PU is, it stands for polyurethane, which is just so much better than the urethane wheels. They do not wear out easily; they have great traction with the road, ensuring great maneuvering for you.

  • Height Adjustable

The Hudora 205 comes with height adjustable handlebars so that you don’t have to feel shy of riding a good old kick scooter just cause you are a little taller than the normal lot. The maximum height of the handlebars goes to 104 centimeters from 79 centimeters.

And the handlebar is hinged, so you get a specific height fix. The deck room is also quite big enough for both your feet. The deck is 330 millimeters in length and 115 millimeters in width.

  • Easy folding mechanism
    and good user weight capacity

The Hudora 205, just like the Hudora 230, is a great scooter for heavy users. It has a heavyweight capacity of up to a hundred kilograms. The folding mechanism takes a single action only. The Hudora brand itself hates the clamp; hence, there are no clamps in most of its models. Also, this way, you can fold it to make very small as there are no clamp restrictions. The scooter is very light in itself; hence, you can take it anywhere you like.


  • Variety of colors
  • High-quality aluminum material, rustproof

  • hinged handlebars don’t adjust to any height to your choice

Hikole kick scooter

Image result for Hikole Scooters for Adults Teens, Kick Scooter with Adjustable Height Dual Suspension and Shoulder Strap 8 inches Big Wheels Scooter Smooth Ride Commuter Scooter Best Gift for Kids Age 10 Up

Key features:

  • Dual Suspension

The Hikole kick scooter comes with dual suspension. The
manufacturers have added something extra just for your comfort. Now even if you
ride through potholes or jump the speed breaker or any other bumps on the road,
you are not going to feel a thing.

  • 3 seconds folding

The brand claims to have a three seconds folding mechanism, and it is not false. Maybe you would take more than three seconds on the first attempt, or when you wish to be slow, otherwise the folding mechanism is really fast. There is a knob above the axle; it is a fold-lock kind of thing.

Turn it, and lift your handlebar, and now your scooter is deployed. To fold it again, just turn the knob and pull the handlebars below. Doesn’t that sound easy? But in reality, it is even easier than it sounds.

  • Adapts to all kind of

This Hikole kick scooter does not fear any surface of pavements.
Be it of any kind, Hikole would triumph over it. The only requirement is that the
surface should be solid. It shouldn’t be something like mud or loose gravel.
Because that just doesn’t work for small tires. Bicycles would prove good
there, but scooters, in general, are more for street, not playground.

Asphalt road, cement, square, pebble road, and even glass surface,
the Hikole have been tested on them all. It does not lose grip even on the

  • A Palace on Wheels

This statement may be a bit of exaggeration, or maybe not. But
that is entirely another matter. The Hikole kick scooter has two big 200
millimeters wheel, which is moved by high precision ABEC7 bearings.


  • Dual suspension
  • Extruded aluminum brake
  • Incredibly smooth glide
  • Rubber grip

  • Suspension makes the scooter heavy
  • Price is a bit much

Fast 88 Kick Scooter

Fast 88 Kick Scooter

Key Features:

  • 1-second folding

Maybe you didn’t like the knob turning mechanism offered by Hikole. You may be a very lazy person and want an even easier solution. This just might be what you need then. Ever heard of the switch? This scooter comes with a switch folding mechanism.

Just press the switch and fold. Is that hard? Press the switch and unfold. Folding and unfolding have never been easier. You don’t even have to bend yourself. Just gently kick on the switch and leave the handlebar in the care of the gravity to fold it. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

  • High Rebound

The 200 millimeters made of poly urethane material is just amazing. And the best thing is that with the suspension, these wheels won’t let you feel any vibration at all. You might not even feel if you are in motion or stationary if it is not for the wind to tell you.

The ride gets so smooth on asphalt that it feels like a bird gliding over. Maybe that is why the style of wheels is called the glide. And with the ABEC 7 carbon steel bearings, this ride is just too hot for the road. You might never need to change the bearings in a lifetime.

  • Nightrider

This ride doesn’t look amazing only in the day; it would rock your
late-night parties as well. Fast 88 comes with a solid tail light of the red
color of the reflective kind. The cars, bikes, whatever are behind you will
know what a devil is riding in front of them.


  • Front and rear suspension
  • 100% aluminum body
  • ABEC7 bearings made of carbon steel
  • Carrying capacity up to 100 kilograms

  • Heavier than 5-kilo grams to carry
  • Only three levels of the adjustable handlebar.
  • Not much choice in color.


Key Features:

  • Style statement

Lascoota is not just a scooter; it is a style statement in itself. The design is so attractive and the colors, even more so. With the shoulder strap, it just does not feel like you are carrying a scooter on your back. You are carrying a Lascoota. Know your difference. The style is so sexy, and so are the design and the colors. Everything about this scooter is attractive and capturing. It has a great contrast with the road. When you would ride it, people from there boring cars would have to take a moment to gaze.

  • Non-slipping deck

This is a mix of safety and modern features. With its non- slip, weight absorbing, and extra-wide deck, it ensures a secure footing and comfortable ride. It is constructed with aluminum and steel, comfortable rubber handles reliable brakes, and equipped with front suspension design to withstand everyday use and abuse.

  • No assembly needed

No one likes to wait for a scooter, and when it is delivered, it
is given in pieces. Feels like a jigsaw puzzle with no intention of ever being
solved, and those lengthy instruction manuals are just a big pain. The Lascoota
comes in one piece; just take it out of the box and ride. You won’t even have
to work while unfolding it. You just have to unfold it the same way you unfold
a book. No technique or tools required. It is also made convenient to store and
portable to carry around with its carry strap.


  • Works on any surface, even the non-solid ones, such as loose gravel or mud.
  • Mud guard installed
  • Not very heavy despite the big wheels and suspensions
  • Very cheap in price
  • Available in six different colors

  • Not for kids under 10

Swagtron K8 titan kick scooter

Key features:

  • Choice in wheels

The Swagtron k8 titan commuter kick scooter for adults and teens offers you two varieties of wheels. Both wheels are good and made of poly urethane material. You can get the front wheel of 250 millimeters and the back wheel of 200 millimeters. This is a great combo. Remember the buying guide of the scooter, having a bigger wheel in front helps you make your ride smoother, and no jerks in your hands. Having a smaller wheel on the back increases your speed and maneuvering.

The other choice you get is both wheels of 200 millimeters.
Obviously, it is not better than two different wheels, but it is cheaper and
lighter on weight. So whatever suits you, choose for yourself.

  • ABEC-9 bearings

Each wheel is driven via ABEC 9 standard bearings. Honestly, it has less resistance than a metal ball rolling on a ramp made of glass. Nothing can be smoother. This ride looks sharp and rides perfectly smooth. It has an expert proven performance and a sleek look. The K8 titan is undeniably one of the smoothest rides you can have on a kick scooter. And all the credit goes to its flexible frame, extra-large wheels and obviously the ABEC-9 ball bearings.

  • Commuter kick scooter

Whether you are a college student, young professional, or urban
adventurer, we know you got places to go and things to. And there is no better
way to get around than the K8 titan Commuter kick scooter built by Swagtron


  • Smoothest ride
  • Built for commuting
  • Holders on handlebars to carry little things
  • Light weight to carry
  • ASTM F2264 safety certified
  • Clear sound bell

  • –no such things—

IUbest scooter luggage

Key Features:

  • Time-Saving and

Iubest Scooter luggage suitcase is a unique kind of scooter to own. Rather than being a scooter, it is a luggage suitcase which also lets you ride it. So, in summary, it is a luggage suitcase with wheels and a place to stand on. It can save your time compared to you walking without it while carrying luggage with you. Wouldn’t it be great when you come out of the airport, and you don’t want to take a cab? Well, no worry, just ride your own luggage then.

  • Roomy

The scooter has a luggage capacity of fifty liters and has five compartments. It is an organized way to travel for you in a new place you know nothing about. Enough space for you to take the stuff you need for your travel, business, or school.

  • Durable

The iUbest luggage scooter is made of high-quality aluminum and
magnesium alloy. In case you do not know, the alloy is called Duralumin, and
exactly like its name, it is the most durable alloy in existence. The frame is
strong and stable and is easily able to bear all the slight rubs or damage in
case of accidents.

  • Easy folding

Just push one button to control the scooter fold up and down, a
combined suitcase with a scooter. The brand iUbest claims that their scooter is
a real head-turner, and of course, people will definitely turn at a person who
is riding on luggage, but it is still debatable that whether this design is
innovative or purely childish. That is for you to decide.


  • Has a great carrying capacity of 150 kilograms
  • Innovative design

  • The design may be embarrassing for some people, as you are actually riding your luggage and not your scooter.

Mongoose Expo Scooter

Key features:

  • Designed like a bike

This scooter is a great gift for a bike or BMX loving people. It is not a scooter technically; it is just a bicycle with no pedals and seats. It may be a good thing or may not be, but that depends on who buys it.

  • Big wheels have new big

Up until now, 200 millimeters seemed big. This kick scooter crosses all those boundaries; it lies exactly in the middle of scooter and bicycle. The Mongoose Expo has wheels as big as 12 inches in diameter or around 310 millimeters, to be exact. And they are air inflated. Things just got real.

  • Terrains aren’t a
    problem anymore

With wheels as big as twelve inches, terrains aren’t going to be a
hurdle in any possible way. Be it asphalt, cement, square, pebbles, loose
gravels, mountains, mud, grass, wet roads, whatever it is, this scooter can
triumph over everything. With wheels made in the image of a bicycle, nothing
can stop it anymore.

  • Stunt equipment

With brakes installed on both wheels, the suspension on both front
and backside, and with wheels big enough to cover everything, this fall nothing
short to any stunt bike, instead, it is a stunt scooter. Kick scooter to be
precise. You can even do a 360 or freestyle BMX.


  • Strong body
  • Stylish look
  • Big tires
  • Smooth ride

  • Non- foldable
  • Non-portable
  • Air inflated tires may get a puncture

Besrey Scooter for Adults

Key Features:

  • Stylish

Ever heard of the phrase, “Simple yet Stylish“? Well, this is it. The all-aluminum body gives this kick scooter a sleek design, the shining metal gives a hard look, and all together, it looks extremely professional and stylish; A ride for all places. Should you ever become a Hollywood celebrity, you should definitely consider this to be your ride to the red carpet. It is that stylish.

  • One-hand fold

It is not hard at all to fold this scooter. Just press the handlebar and the deck together and viola, it is folded. Obviously, you will have to press a switch in between to lock the positions so that the scooter does not fold and unfold on its own. No one would want their scooter to fold while they are riding, or unfold while they are carrying it.

  • Certified level Safe

The bearings used in the kick scooter are ABEC 9, the highest grade of ball bearings available in the market. These bearings are certified by TUV/ ASTM F2264 scooter special certification. This kick scooter guarantees the safety and security of every customer. The whole frame, the deck, and wheels, everything is according to the international standards. The Besrey scooter for adults is a certified product for you to enjoy it.

  • Instant braking system

Besrey has installed disc brakes in their scooters. And this disc brake is controlled by hand lever installed on the handle. Comfort and efficiency in one scooter seems a little too amazing, isn’t it? The disc brakes stop the rear wheel of the kick scooter instantly, and can prevent any accidents, should that were to occur.


  • easy to fold
  • easy to maneuver
  • available at affordable price
  • disc brakes

  • heavier than 5-kilo grams

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

Key features:

  • LED lights

The Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter is lit, both literally and metaphorically. It is stacked with multi-color LEDs in its stem, deck, and even in wheels that can be powered on or off. The LED wheels turn up whenever they come in action. There is just no stopping them. These lights make the scooter look loads of fun ride. With over 100 LED lights on the handlebar stem, wheels, and deck, the Jetson Jupiter folding kick scooter is sure to light the way for nonstop fun. It may not be very stylish or cool, but it sure looks fun. And it’s better to look fun than boring.

  • Easy folding mechanism

This kick scooter is easy to fold and in just one step. But that is common in most. What is not common is its absolute lightweight. It is so light that even kids can carry it. It is even lighter than five kilograms. The lightest scooter you are ever going to find. This kick scooter has a folding lock that holds the joint in place when you have folded or unfolded it.

  • Height-adjustable

The Jetson Jupiter offers two different levels of handlebars. What
doesn’t sound great is both of those heights are short for a tall guy, maybe
because this scooter is for kids or kids in early teens. The handlebar can be
locked in place by a simple latch system.


  • Light weight scooter
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Durable wheels

  • Not for adults or even taller kids
  • Cannot carry much weight
  • LEDs may not look very attractive for older kids.

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asked Questions

  • Should adults use kick scooter?

Kick scooters aren’t limited to any single age group. Old people also enjoy the fun of it. It is a great exercise for the body.

  • Are kick scooters safe?

All the kick scooters mentioned in this list are extremely safe. All of them are tested and certified. And compared to skateboards, kick scooters are considerably safer.

  • What is the weight limit on a razor scooter?

A Razor scooter can withstand your weight up to as high as 220lbs and hence safe and suitable for kids as well as adults.

  • Are kick scooters dangerous for kids?

No, kick scooters are entirely safe and efficient for your kids, especially if they are adventure savvy. They are installed with a high-quality safety system that enables your kids to ride safely and comfortably.

  • How can you increase the speed of kick scooters?

As the name indicates, the speed of kick scooters can be efficiently increased by powerful kicks. The faster you kick, the more speed your scooter will attain.

  • How fast can kick scooters go?

Kick scooters can go as fast as up to 10-20mph, depending on which model you choose. They are very efficient and quick means of transportation for short-distances.

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