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I clearly remember the time when skates and skateboards were the coolest things growing up. Not only was it limited to being a leisure activity but it soon became a sport to glide in style, exhibit balance and control and everyone got obsessed with constantly finding new cool tricks to do on wheels.

Well, even after so many years the allure and craze of skates have remained intact. Moreover, the fan base has expanded and the demand has increased exponentially. So tech caught up with it to increase coolness quotient and thus gliding in style also entails hoverboards and self balancing e-skates.

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Segway Brand Review

Before we unfurl a detailed review of Segway Drift W1 let’s make a quick pit stop at the company that manufactures Drift W1.

The company is called Segway and it has an inspiring origin story. Inventor Dean Kamen one day saw a young man on a wheelchair struggling to get over a sidewalk. This led to a realization that the general design of structures is has balance at its core. It is such that it supports people who could balance. With this in mind he along with his team created a mobility device that enables users to climb stairs and negotiate uneven surfaces.

The name Segway came from the word segue, which means – to transition smoothly from one state to another. Segway transforms a person into an empowered pedestrian, allowing him/her to go farther, move more quickly and carry more. Segway has also uploaded safety videos, studies, manuals and guidelines on company’s official website.



Segway Drift W1 e-skate are portable hover shoes. It has two separate e-skates which offer you endless possibilities to dance, do tricks and manoeuvre effortlessly.

The self balancing system which is implemented using microprocessors, a set of sophisticated tilt sensors and gyroscopic sensors enables segway to maintain balance easily. The only thing that you need to do is to steer and lean with your weight. Sensors detect whenever you tilt even if it is slight tilt, it turns the wheels at just the right speed and you move forward.Segway Drift W1 review

Battery is monitored by a Smart Battery Management System to prevent overheating and over charging. It has ambient lights on the front and rear. It is modern way to move with a unique design made of good quality material. It has always been Segway’s vision to produce environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives.

Well with around 18 years of research on this product, Segway has designed and manufactured perfectly portable, durable, safe and lightweight segway shoes. This product satisfies customer needs and delivers according to their expectations from the brand.

Segway electric shoes are not just a latest fad but with the speed of 12 km/h it is faster than walking, energy efficient and less taxing which promise to provide 45 minutes of comfortable non-stop riding without the need for a recharge.


Keeps you safe

Segway electric shoes come with anti slip foot mat that provide your feet a good grip in order to minimize the probability of falling. It also maximizes comfort by preventing your feet sliding off of the foot mat. These e-skates do not have any strap on for fastening shoes like in regular skates which makes it the responsibility of foot mats to provide proper adherence besides the rider can step off immediately in case of an emergency. .

The 10 mm rubber bumpers at the front and rear of segway skates not only minimize damage to the device but also cushion the impact in case you run into any obstacle by mistake.

Itself is safe and secure

Safe and secure – IP54 rated protection which permits you to ride segway e-skates in all weather conditions. IP is a standard for testing effectiveness of electrical devices against foreign particles such as water, dirt, non corrosives, etc internationally. IP54 – protected from water spray from any direction. Thus it is certified as water resistant that means it would not skid on slippery surfaces.

Flame retardant polycarbonate – the shell of Segway Drift W1 segway shoes is made up of flame retardant polycarbonate which conforms to the fire protection rating, improves aesthetic delicacy and offers excellent build quality.

These segway shoes have a durable magnesium aluminium frame and can easily carry weight up to 100 kgs. The smart battery management system and battery is encased in dual protection covers that meet the UL standards. UL certification is the criteria to vouch for an electronic product to be free of any manufacturing flaws.

Doesn’t die on you (for at least 45 minutes)

Smart Battery Management System – Lithium battery design with dual protection that meets the UL standards. Segway Driftt W1 self balancing skates are a device modelled on efficiency and comfort. To bring about a mobility revolution it is vital to monitor battery wisely. This system prevents overheating of device, over-charging, short circuiting and takes care of voltage fluctuations. It also manages auto-sleep, auto-balance and auto-wake.

It keeps a check on battery usage throughout. Once completely charged segway shoes can take you on an adventure for full 45 minutes. And it takes around 3 hours to charge completely from 0% until fully charged battery of both skates.

Spindle shaped tread design

High end engineering that everyone expects from Segway which aims for a mobility revolution. In order to achieve proper grip and resistance Segway Drift W1 – segway shoes adopt spindle shaped tread design aSegway Drift W1 reviewnd a very powerful hub motor which can go from zero to 12 km/h in no time. It also has low chassis.

Although it has no binding it is difficult to fall down in fact this enables you to get on and off easily. It has lights on the front and rear which are initially blue. Segway Drift W1 grants you with three different light modes which can be activated by pressing the on/off button for 3 seconds.

Compact and lightweight

With a total weight of 7kg Segway Drift W1 is portable and can be carried around easily in one hand or in a bag. It is important for segway self balancing skates to weigh less in order to facilitate portability as these are aimed for short term commute.

To further enhance portability segway shoes have elastic bands at the bottom allowing you to carry a pair in one hand. Segway e-skates are not strapped on in any way and no bulky structure unlike roller skates. It is also security friendly you can also carry it in your luggage on trains, planes and cruises.

Wheels you efficiently

Durable wheels – At the core of success of any transportation device is the quality of wheels. The wheels need to be of the right size, right material and rightly placed in the structure for maximum efficiency and perfect balance. This facilitates precision steering and easy manoeuvre amongst crowds. Segway Drift W1 uses wheels that are anti collision and anti skidding.

Wheels are the legs of the device, vital in balancing while in motion or on standby. Segway Drift W1 – segway shoes have fusiform shape with the wheels specially designed to increase riding stability and steering capabilities.

Segway Amazon


Maximum Speed12 km/h
Net Weight3.5 kg each skate
Battery44.4 WH
Appropriate age6 + years
Max Inclination10 degrees
Max Weight (of driver)10 – 100 kgs
Water ResistanceIP54
Reach45 min
Dimension162 X 121 mm



  • Segway Drift W1 can attain a maximum speed of 12 km/h that is about three times faster than walking.
  • It roles smoothly on uneven surfaces and provides maximum riding comfort and balance. Segway Drift W1 glamorises walking be it paved roads, bumpy sidewalk, granite, tiles, carpeted floor or a wooden floor.
  • Weighing only 7 kg it can still manoeuvre up to 100 kg weight easily.
  • It can provide you a full 45 minute ride before it needs to be charged again.
  • Segway Drift W1 segway shoes have lights on head and tail with three different flashing modes.
  • It is lightweight which makes it perfect for carrying around easily. But that doesn’t mean it compensates in any way, segway skates may look small but they are fitted with a very powerful hub motor.
  • Segway e-skates are an eco-friendly and zero carbon emission alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car.
  • Easy to learn and navigate. Its swift innovative design allows you to steer precisely and pass through crowds with no intricacy.
  • The rubber bumpers at the front and rear protects during impact in case you bump into something.
  • Perfect for indoors as well as outdoors on paved surfaces for new trendsetters.
  • You can also carry it in your luggage on trains, planes and cruises.
  • Segway Drift W1 segway shoes are dirt resistant, water resistant as well as flame resistant.



  • Helmets and knee pads are sold separately.
  • Can manage non frequent bumps but inefficient against obstacles and constantly bumpy roads.
  • Available in only one colour combination – black and white.


Why should you choose Segway Drift W1

Segway Drift W1 is safer than hoverboards. It is even safer than roller skates.

Segway ShoesWhen hoverboards had just come into market, many cheap copies were made using low quality material. This resulted in over heating of battery and the hoverboard catching fire. This is why it is of utmost importance that you buy the right device from a reliable brand and inspect whether all the safety guidelines and standards were followed especially electronic devices.

Segway is a reputed company which prioritizes consumer safety.

Segway-Ninebot is the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, valued at over 1.5 billion USD. Their business covers in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Over six million users purchase products and services from Segway-Ninebot each year.

Segway Drift W1 allows the rider to ride spontaneously and balances easily with each foot. It is easy to learn for beginners. For experienced riders it is an opportunity to experience the excitement of a variety of challenging riding and freestyle options. Two e-skates present you with infinite possibilities to do cool new tricks and keep finding even cooler tricks.


If we have to give a one line Segway Drift W1 review then we would say it is fun and sustainable lifestyle built on innovative personal mobile technology. Safety, portability, adventure, thrill, offering all this in one pair of e-skates, Segway never fails to please its customers.

Some people might be sceptical of the fact that it doesn’t provide any fastening mechanism to buckle it with shoes which make them look a bit unsafe for kids as there is a greater chance of falling. Our team has tried and tested Segway Drift W1 – segway shoes and it has given surprised us positively. Although it can be a bit intimidating for beginners like it is when you try roller skates for the first time. But once you get the hang of it then you wouldn’t want to step down.

Wear protective gear like helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Take it slow initially, do not glide at full throttle, start off lightly and go slow while turning. Keep your posture straight and don’t bend your knees too often. This is pretty much the same beginners’ guidelines that are provided before you get on any new mobility device.

Segway Drift W1 is fit for people of all ages above 6. You can create memorable experiences by riding along your family or friends.

Segway Drift W1 is fit for people of all ages above 6. You can create memorable experiences by riding along your family or friends. If it suits your budget then you should definitely indulge in buying Segway Drift W1. It also makes for a great gift. You will get a surreal travel experience and a level of freedom that is tough to replicate with any other tech powered transportation.

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