Cheap Electric Skateboard Black Friday Deals 2020

cheap electric skateboard


Are you an Electric Skateboard or an Electric Longboard enthusiast? Have you been looking to get one for yourself for a long time? Now is the perfect time for you to pounce on the opportunity.

Because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, waiting for you with a wide array of exciting, heavily discounted deals. So it is time for you to put on a shopping face and scroll through the best and cheapest electric skateboards and longboards and book your own black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

Electric skateboards and longboards are probably the lightest and the fastest mode of transportation in today’s people-packed metropolitan lands. Electric boards give you the freedom to wade through heavy traffic, climb up a hill, scroll through your college campus or embark on an adventurous journey all by yourself or with your skate-buddies, whistling all the while carelessly and enjoying the fresh, natural air and sunlight

Why an Electric Skateboard/Longboard?

Along this exciting journey, you might find yourself asking, “Why do I need an electric board when I could just buy a normal, human-powered one?”

Here’s your answer: An electric skateboard or a longboard is easier to ride than a normal one. They come with built-in brakes, an efficient motor, and the four wheels supporting your weight makes it easier for you to maintain balance, which avoids the risk of you faceplanting upon the depths of Hades and injuring yourself!

It comes with a battery pack that powers the board and allows the rider to have enough power to climb uphill. And the built-in brakes provide an easy cushion should you wish to go downhill the same way you came up.

The electric motor is a light-weight, powerful motor that is usually placed next to the axle to drive the belt that loops around the skateboard wheels, providing an easy to control and streamlined movement of the board.

But, but.. if there are so many awesome features, surely it is going to be expensive?

Well, sure, some of them are. But there are many, just as good, that you can buy for cheaper rates. This article will concentrate on some cheap electric skateboards and electric longboards under $200, and some of them are even under $100. But it is important for you to choose the best ones for yourself. This article will guide you through the best Electric Skateboard Black Friday And Cyber Monday deals.

Some of the Top Cheap Electric skateboards/Longboard Deals :

RazorX – Ripstick Electric Skateboard
Swagtron Swagskate NG3
BLITZART Huracane Longboard
Alouette Phoenix Ryders
BLITZART Tornado Longboard
AZBO Electric Skateboard
Teamgee H8 Electric Skateboard
Hiboy Electric Skateboard
Aceshin Electric Skateboard

RazorX – Ripstick, Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for an easy to operate/beginner level skateboard, then you should definitely go all out for this one. It guarantees quality, safety, service, and style that one would expect from one of the top manufacturers of products designed for the young generation.

 The RazorX Cruiser pushes the board with electrifying energy, and it’s easy to handle, and a well-balanced nature acts as a cream of the crop for its customers. It has a 125 watt, rear-wheel-drive motor and a wireless, digital, hand-held remote that puts the control of the board in the palm of your hand, helping you challenge the distance with relative ease. 

One of the best features of this product is the availability of variable speed control on this variable cruiser, which lets you adjust your cruising speed as and when you like. The lithium-ion powered, carve and turn skateboard action speeds up to 10mph or 16 kmph for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

  • Uncompromised quality.
  • High-grip urethane wheels
  • Perforated grip tape and no alignment issues
  • Some complaints about a missing charger and damaged packaging.

Here are Some of the Best Electric Scooters that you can buy during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard for Kids, Teens 

This is a kick-start powered electric skateboard that provides a perfect balance for customers who are looking for electrified skateboards without completely dismissing the traditional touch of the human element required to guide the board around its path.

It has a push-assist electronic skateboard system that looks for you to move the board. However, the job of coordinating the board is made easy for the customers with the help of well-positioned sensors that take credit for most of the heavy lifting work.

There are two sets of sensors – one that detects when you’re on board, and another set which detects when you’re in motion. Their unique Move-Move technology has the ability to lock your current moving speed, up to 9.3 mph. This offers the user the option to travel farther with fewer amounts of kicks. And don’t worry, one of the better features of this board is its sophisticated system, which does a good job in differentiating between a kick and a true dismount.

  • No fancy controls required.
  • No remote required
  • Excellent service facilities
  • The lightweight nature of the board provides.
  • Sometimes, the kick-starting feature might make the customers weary.

BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard

Like to speed against the force of winds? This product is made for you. The Blitzart Huracane has a maximum speed of over 17 mph up to 10 miles per charge. It is equipped with a safe and secured, 36 Volt, and 4.4 ah Lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in just a short span of 2.5 hours.

The board hosts six layers of Maple Wood and two layers of the bamboo deck and premium grip tape. The grip loops around the deck and is concave to ensure that the rider’s feet are permanently planted upon the board so as long as they decide to ride upon it. The board is strong and hard and can hold a maximum weight of 250 lb.

The board comes with an easy to hold, wireless remote that has firm control over acceleration and deceleration policies with reverse capability. There are two-speed modes that cater to the needs of both beginners and advanced riders. It consists of a hub motor, rather than a belt-driven motor.

Hub motors make the overall appearance of the board easy on the eye and give it an old school, traditional look that many of the riders prefer. Hub motors can also be kicked like a regular board, with or without battery.

  • The presence of the hub.
  • It is shipped to you fully assembled.
  • Great range and speed.
  • It is friendly for both beginners as well as users.
  • It is not designed for doing tricks, such as jumping and flipping.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard

If you like a slow, tranquil stroll through parks or anywhere else, this is the product you’re looking for. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard has a minimum speed of about 6.2 mph with an endurance of 9.3 miles. However, its maximum speed is a whopping 16 mph.

The skateboard is efficient at climbing uphill, with its maximum climb angle being 10 degrees. It consists of a wireless remote with a lithium-ion powered battery of 180 mAh and a respectable charging time of 2 hours before it is fully recovered.

The remote is versatile and has many functions, such as the capability to adjust speed, change directions, and apply electric brakes.  The skateboard itself is efficiently powered with a strong 29.4 Volt lithium-ion powered battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh. It consists of dual hub motors, each 250 W strong.

The deck, comprising of 6 layers maple deck and a single layer of bamboo, adds to the flexibility and sturdiness of the skateboard. It comes with a six-month warranty, and the company offers a maintenance center for repair and replacement in the USA. It is a wonderful option for beginners who are looking to improve upon their skateboarding skills.

  • A six-month warranty.
  • Longer Rage and a powerful.
  • Quick battery recharge time.
  • The presence of 250 W Hub.
  • No cons

BLITZART Tornado 38″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard

The Blitzart Tornado Electric Skateboard/Longboard has a maximum speed of over 17 MPH, with a range of 10 miles per charge. It is equipped with a powerful 36 Volt and 4.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery that can be fully recharged within a span of 2.5 hours.

The board is aesthetically pleasing to look at and comes in four great color combinations. The overall design is beautiful, with six layers of Maple wood and two layers of the bamboo deck and premium grip tape. The said grip tape loops around the deck and is concave to ensure firm hold of the customer over the board, ensuring safety.

The board is also extremely strong, capable of withstanding a considerable amount of weight up to 250 lb. The job is further made easy with the availability of a wireless remote that controls many things such as acceleration and deceleration and also gives the user the control over reversing the board.

Another key feature is the access to the two-speed modes, for beginners and for advanced riders, which makes it a good choice for both the child and the parent, should a skateboard loving family decide to buy one for themselves.

  • It is shipped to you fully assembled.
  • The presence of a 350W Hub motor.
  • The deck design ensures a safe ride.
  • It is not designed for performing tricks such as jumps and spins.

AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

Cheap Electric Skateboards

This AZBO skateboard presents a bold, beautiful design, commendable build, and unrivaled performance reports. It consists of a single hub 400 Watt motor and ensures a maximum speed of about 11 Mph. It is excellent for climbing uphill with a maximum hill climbing angle of about fifteen degrees.

This AZBO electric skateboard provides a perfect balance between power and comfort. The rider can feel the power radiating from the strong, 7-Layered maple deck, while at the same time, remain in control of the direction and the movement of the skateboard.

It also has a good, 2.2 Ah battery that can be fully recharged and fit to be used in a very short span of about one and a half hours. The skateboard is followed along by a rechargeable, wireless remote controller that makes life easier for the rider with easy forward motion, brake, and the option of speed switching.

The skateboard harbors an overall aesthetic appearance, coupled with a strong build that can support a considerable amount of weight. In addition, the convenient battery indicator on the remote will ensure that the rider never is caught off guard while out on the road.

  • The convenient battery on the remote.
  • Aesthetic overall appearance.
  • It provides a fast and efficient.
  • no cons

Teamgee H8 31″ Electric Skateboard

Cheap Electric Skateboards

This skateboard is suitable for both beginners as well as advanced riders. It offers a maximum speed of about 15mph and is of lightweight nature (about 11.6 lbs). It has a respectable range of about 8 miles per charge and consists of a strong motor of 480 W.

The design is beautifully carved out of someone’s imagination and consists of a drop-through the deck, 85mm PU. One of the other upsides of this product is the replaceable nature of the urethanes. It consists of a strong battery of 35 volts and 3.5 Ah with a charge time of about two hours.

It also comes with wireless remote control that has access to many features of the board. The Teamgee electric skateboard hides its powerful motor behind a thin sheet of the board that ensures a streamlined, fast motion along the path of the rider.

  • It is the thinnest E-Skateboard on the market.
  • The skateboard comes with an adjustable speed remote.
  • It is easier to carry because of its lightweight nature.
  • Some complaints about its lack of durability.

Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Cheap Electric Skateboards

This skateboard is suitable for both adults as well as youngsters. Hiboy’s custom-designed, maple deck, consisting of a single hub motor is centered around a strong, while at the same time, lightweight structure that ensures smooth tidings for the rider.

It is the perfect product for you if you are buying a board for short commutes or just to have fun. It has a top speed of about 12.4 mph and a range of about 6.2 miles on a single charge. It is also very flexible to suit the needs of the rider and consists of 4 different ride modes and four brake modes exclusive to the Hiboy electric skateboard.

  • Lightweight build, which provides a smooth ride for the customer.
  • A steadfast performance centered around its modest specifications.
  • The presence of many different ride modes and different brake modes.
  • It is not as fast as an average electric skateboard.

Aceshin Electric Skateboard

Cheap Electric Skateboards

This is the skateboard that you would want to buy for yourself if you want to have a good time cruising in your neighborhood. At the same time, it is also perfectly suitable to cover short commutes. It has two modes and speeds that caters to the needs of both beginners and advanced riders. It consists of a 250 W Brushless Hub motor, which is more reliable and has fewer problems than an average belt-driven motor. The overall appearance of the board is pleasing to look at, and it consists of a seven-ply maple wood deck with handle design. It comes with a remote that can control the speed mode, brake, and check battery capacity. The range of the remote is extendable up to 47.2 inches.

  • Good range and high speed.
  • Ergonomic wireless remote.
  • The presence of a hub motor which reduces the number of common problems and is more reliable.
  • The battery must be charged at least once a month, even if the board is not being used.

Here are Some of the Best Electric Scooters that you can buy during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

Take away

Black Friday deal brings a great chance to grab these amazing Skateboards. In case you are looking forward to buy a skateboard or longboard, you must prefer buying it in this Black Friday Sale or Cyber Monday Sale with heavy discount.

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