Self Balancing Scooter

ul2272 certification

What is the UL 2272 Certification?

Considering the amount of turnover and growing number of user base and fan following of hoverboards,   numerous cases of self-balancing scooters, hoverboards catching fire and exploding due to a reason as petty as overload on motor, problem with lithium-ion battery or due to increased friction with road, manufacturers, distributors and

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Electric Scooters with Seat

With developments in technology, there are more ways to travel than ever before.  In particular, variations in personal transportation devices have rocketed in recent years one type of personal transportation device which has developed and gained momentum of late is the electric scooter, providing an adult adaptation of the children’s

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Razor Hoverboard Review

Razor Hoverboards Review

An Insightful Honest Review of Razor Hoverboards   Razor Hoverboards are here to stay for a long time  When Hoverboard literally rolled into the market for the first time, I was quite disappointed, because it resembled nothing which could actually ‘hover’. At that moment I did not show much interest to actually own one. And back

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hoverboard for kids

15 Best Hoverboard For Kids (Reviewed 2019)

Нοvеrbοаrds аrе thе trеnd nοwаdаys. Тhοugh thеy dοn’t lіtеrаlly “hοvеr” lіkе whаt thе nаmе sаys, іt’s undеnіаblе thеy lοοk sο сοοl аnd аdvаnсеd. Нοvеrbοаrds аrе аlsο саllеd sеlf-bаlаnсіng sсοοtеrs. Yοu’ll bе аmаzеd by thе fееlіng οf rіdіng οn οnе. Іf yοu wаnt tο gіvе thе best hoverboard for kids аs

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fastest hoverboard

5 best hoverboards for indoor use | Self Balancing Scooter

Self Balancing Scooter If you are looking to buy the best hoverboard for indoor use, you don’t need to look any further. Hoveboards are the modern hands-free self balancing scooters for indoors that don’t actually hover but have 2 wheels with a comfortable base. Self balancing scooters for indoors are

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fastest self balancing scooters

10 fastest hoverboards to buy

Hoverboards are a dream turned into reality for people of all ages. Hoverboarding makes even a simple commute an exhilarating adventure so it comes as no surprise that their demand in the markets is on the rise. When the invention just entered the market it wasn’t very fast, but with

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