Self Balancing Scooter


Introduction Riding cars has its luxuries, but riding two-wheeled vehicles have a fulfilling feeling about it that doesn’t compare to anything else. Maybe it is the sense of wind on

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Cheap Hoverboards

Cheap Hoverboards under $100 EPCTEK 6.5” Hoverboard – A lot in a little! This is one of the top-seller Cheap Hoverboards in the online market as its low price suppurated

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Hoverboard Safety

Are Hoverboards safe?

Introduction Hoverboards have been a popular stable in technology for the longest time. They’ve been seen in old sci-fi movies and have always been waited for. They’re not to where

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Introduction Audi has recently released an electrically powered model known as the Audi E-Tron scooter. Having been at the helm of electric technology in vehicles, this invention by Audi is

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best hoverboard brands


INTRODUCTION Are you a lover of hoverboards? Could it be that you are planning to acquire one for your enjoyment? Well, we are pleased to say that you have arrived

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ul2272 certification

What is the UL 2272 Certification?

Introduction Considering the amount of turnover and growing number of user base and fan following of hoverboards,   numerous cases of self-balancing scooters, hoverboards catching fire and exploding due to a

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Electric Scooters with Seat

Introduction With developments in technology, there are more ways to travel than ever before. In particular, variations in personal transportation devices have rocketed in recent years one type of personal

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All Terrain Hoverboard Review

Control the speed and directions to travel handsfree on your personal transporter, a self-balancing scooter or a self-balancing board. This device consists of two motorized wheels which can be controlled

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Razor Hoverboard Review

Razor Hoverboards Review

Introduction Razor Hoverboards are here to stay for a long time  When Hoverboard literally rolled into the market for the first time, I was quite disappointed, because it resembled nothing

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hoverboard for kids

15 Best Hoverboard For Kids

INTRODUCTION Нοvеrbοаrds аrе thе trеnd nοwаdаys. Тhοugh thеy dοn’t lіtеrаlly “hοvеr” lіkе whаt thе nаmе sаys, іt’s undеnіаblе thеy lοοk sο сοοl аnd аdvаnсеd. Нοvеrbοаrds аrе аlsο саllеd sеlf-bаlаnсіng sсοοtеrs.

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fastest self balancing scooters

10 fastest hoverboards to buy

Hoverboards are a dream turned into reality for people of all ages. Hoverboarding makes even a simple commute an exhilarating adventure so it comes as no surprise that their demand

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